What have we become? With No Mirrors?

We cannot shame a child for being afraid of the dark, but how sad it is that a grown man is afraid of the light” PlatoOne of the basic questions in life is this:
“When we don’t like what we see in the mirror, when it makes it clear that we don’t meet the standard, what do we do about it?What do we do when the standard was put in written form for us? When someone was sent to physically show us how to do it perfectly and that it can be done? When we have been given a private line of communication to get instruction on how to meet the standard in every individual situation in life?1. Do we accuse the mirror of purposefully making us look bad?
The standard in itself is bad, meant to harm us or bring us shame, so trying to fix the faults the mirror revealed is a burden no one can bear.2. Do we tell everyone that the mirror is flawed and inaccurate?
The mirror is essentially lacking and therefore we shouldn’t attempt to fix the errors that it showed.3. Do we convince ourselves that the mirror doesn’t apply to our own appearance, just those other people who needed such silly things as mirrors?
The mirror shows the standard for others, but not for us. We get a special pass due to race, religion, or the time in history in which we were born.4. Do attempt to shatter the mirror?
Do we just do away with the whole mirror, using any of the reasons listed above to justify it.5. Do we cut out the portions of the mirror that don’t please our eyes, and leave the rest to flatter us?
Or find those who will look at our reflection in the mirror, and do the same by tickling our ears.6. Do we find a “mirror expert” who makes his living by talking about mirrors, that will pretend that any of the above conclusions about the mirror are true, so that we can change or blame the mirror, instead of fixing ourselves.7. Do we hide the mirror under a veil?
Do we hide the mirror and pretend that we never looked into it.8. Do we replace the mirror?
Do we find another standard, one of those carnival mirrors that distorts everyone’s image.9. Do we paste a prettier picture of us over the mirror?
Do we cover the front of the mirror with something we wish to see, instead of what is really staring at us in the face.10. Do we put an expiration date on the mirror?
Just like a carriage than turns into a pumpkin, the usefulness of that mirror had an expiration date that has passed so we don’t need it anyway.10 More Questions:1. What mirror am I talking about?G-d’s Holy and perfect standard (Psalm 119). Obedience to His Commandments, that G-d gave to bless us and show us what we need to change in order to live better lives (Deuteronomy 30).2. What are those parts of the mirror that we don’t like?The Bible calls it sin. The Greek word used is “Amartia” meaning “Missing the Mark”. The mark is given in Psalm 119.3. How does the Bible define sin? 1st John 3:4 “Sin is Lawlessness, in fact, anyone who breaks the Law of G-d sins”.4. Can the mirror fix in us, what is wrong?
No, the mirror simply shows us what is wrong. “I would have not known was sin is, except for the Law” Paul in Romans.5. Can we ourselves fix the flaws that the mirror revealed?
No. We are dead in the water.6. What good is the mirror then?The mirror shows us what flaws we need help in fixing. It also warns us of the consequences of not addressing these flaws.7. Who can fix the flaws?The One who made us ofcourse.8. What is a person’s natural and self-destructive response to the mirror?
“The flesh is hostile to the Law of G-d, in cannot submit to G-d’s Law nor does it desire to do so”
Romans 89. Does the mirror have an expiration date?No, according to the one who made us and the mirror, the mirror serves a purpose forever. Psalm 11910. Does the Great Physician who desires to heal us, believe we should just do away with the mirror once He starts His work?No. “He who keeps the least of the Commands and teaches others to do so will be called Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.”
Why not? We sometimes replace the operations He has done with the same flaws or different ones, thereby still needing the mirror.What is the written form of the standard? The Torah
Who is the One sent to show us that it can be met and how to do it in a physical body? Yeshua
What is this private line of communication that shows us how to meet the standard in every situation? The SpiritSo, what are you going to do with the mirror? and what are you going to do about your flaws it reveals, without the mirror?”What Are You?” by David GrayListen Here http://music.aol.com/song/player/audioplayer.jspWhat are you?
What are you becoming?
What have you become?Once you sang your own song
Now you’re dancing to the same drum
What have you become?And what is that you’re wearing?
Money’s ugly confidenceYou sacrificed the poem of your imagination
For these pounds and penceMe I take the cynic’s role
Throw scorn on your empty mind
I’ve seen this monotonous world
Make dull what used to shine
You lost interest
You lost your spine
Oh that spine fine fineYeah
When there’ nothing left
On this plate you’re handed
You find yourself
Running the gauntlet
Of all of these double standards
It’s very thin ice over which you’re skating
And after this black winter the thawSo what are you
Tell me tell me what are you
And what have you become

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Shalom, my name is Brian Newman. In case you are curious about the "Asriel", it's Hebrew for "Elohim is my Comfort" which is a pen name I took on earlier in life. You may know me as the host of the TV Program "Let's Talk Shalom" , the co-host of the "Shalom Letters" podcast, or the author of "Audio Poetry" and "Redeemed". I am also a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force, a Certified Peer Support Recovery Specialist, a Certified Life Coach, Dream Interpreter and the Founder of Psalm 16 Media Ministry. More importantly though, I'm the father of two beautiful daughters, Aliyahna and Shema, and a follower of Yeshua (which most know by His Greek name "Jesus").

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