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  • Paul Vs. The Ascetic Gnostics Augustine and Buddha

    1 Timothy 4:3 (The Apostle Paul versus the Ascetic Gnostics to include Buddha and Augustine)Who forbid marriage and require abstinence from foods (Broma/Brosis, Greek for Levitically food clean) that Yahweh Created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth. In 1 Timothy, Paul is once again, attacking the Ascetic Gnostics…

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  • Apostle Paul on Circumcision for Salvation

    In the Book of Acts and the Writings of Rabbi Sha’ul (the Apostle Paul), we seem to find a conflicting view on circumcision between Sha’ul (Paul) and Jakov. Jakov is known as “James’ in the Protestant world because the translators who put his book into the “King’s English’ wished to kiss the royal heinie of…

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  • Lessons from the Farming Parables of Yeshua

    The items used in the parables of Yeshua/Jesus make a consistent point. The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence (endures struggle and trials) and violent men take it by force (men who are acquainted with struggle and who have endured trial bring it to earth by pushing through struggle and trial). The Scriptures tell us that…

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